Amazing cornbread

Until recently, there was a fabulous column (essay and accompanying recipes) in the Sunday NYT Magazine. It focused on local, small-scale producers and farmers; back-to-the-landers, seasonal living types. I just loved it, and many of the recipes were superb. One of my very favories was a Roasted Pork with Red-Chili Corn Bread, Smoked-Bacon Broth and Fava Beans. Everything was good, but what I’ve thought of since and can’t wait to make again is this cornbread. It is superb.

As I come from Southern stock, I know a good cornbread when I taste it. This one is just fabulously unique, it freezes well and is just as good on its own as with a full meal. I could see it as a rustic breakfast with honey or as the dinner accompaniment it was offered as in the Times article.

I’ve posted the Red-Chili Corn Bread recipe in Em-i-lis Recipes.