Good food makes things better

Even when mayhem surrounds you, stop, eat well (not standing up, not from a container), and I guarantee you will feel at least minimally better. Today’s compost salad is the bomb: radicchio, tomatoes, mandolined squash, feta salsa, leftover beef salad, leftover steamed potatoes, homemade balsamic, hummus on the side.

Because I was committed to enjoying this salad in peace, I did not go visit Oliver when, after a measly 42 minutes of nap, he woke up screaming “mommy, see you.” No, I continued to chew slowly and mindfully, and wouldn’t you know that he found his way back to sleep, merciful god. We will now all have a nicer afternoon. I do hate when my salad dressing splotches my shirt.

Tonight I’m going to make Yotam’s Chickpea and Chard saute (you know I want to put the accent on that e but tumblr goes berserk) and serve with warm pita. There’s going to be some wine involved because my yoga studio is on spring break, so I don’t have class tomorrow morning.