Cooking ideas for the next few days...

Good morning all. Oliver woke me up at 5:27, and at present I am thanking the good earth for producing coffee beans as well as praising the folks who figured out how to derive a caffeinated beverage from them.

I’m pretty psyched to see Jack tonight and to enjoy Donna’s Summer Beef Salad (see Em-i-lis recipes if you haven’t already but are intrigued by this dish) for dinner. Although buying avocados right now will send you to the poorhouse, they are great this time of year AND go so, deliciously well with this marinade and beef. I got an olive fougasse to accompany the salad; I buy these loaves not only because they are  insanely good but also…I just really like to say “fougasse.”

Yotam, I am sorry I have abandoned you as of late. I just pulled him off the shelf and was immediately drawn to his Chickpea Saut é with Greek Yogurt which contains, in addition to chickpeas and yogurt, Swiss chard, mint, lemon and caraway seeds. I love caraway seeds and while I initially found that to be a slightly dissonant ingredient here, am going to trust Yotam’s genius with vegetables. To make this more summery, I’m going to serve this room temp rather than warm.

Another beloved recipe that I haven’t made recently is one by Molly Wizenberg that absolutely drives me wild: Roasted Radicchio with Anchovy Vinaigrette, Preserved Lemon and Breadcrumbs. That will definitely grace our presence soon.

T and O just went outside to watch construction in the alley so I’m going to run quicker than you can say Bob’s Your Uncle to the shower. Challenge of the morning: from which movie does that line re: Bob hail?