Extremely odd dream, plans for this week's food52 contest

I was so tired last night that I wasn’t even human. I fell asleep relatively early, after we finally got Oliver dosed and down, and immediately entered into an extremely odd series of dreams. Do you ever dream but concurrently realize that it’s a little off? Anyway, I was a fantastic gardener, so much so that I had successfully trailed an egg-growing vine up a trellis with the bell peppers. Quicker that you could say ‘egg’, eggs would flower and then grow. They were huge- 1 could feed three people easily. What does this mean?! When O woke up at 2a, I immediately started trying to understand it all but ultimately could just shrug my shoulders and haul arse to the basement for the rest of the night.
This week’s food52 contest is your best picnic food. Not surprisingly, there are many potato salad, slaw and pasta salad entries, all fantastic I’m sure. But as there are already more than 140 submissions, I thought I’d try to go a slightly different route. How does a tomato, basil, corn and bacon ‘pie’ sound?