Evening cooking commences with a blueberry tart

I like the Whole Foods one-day deals for much the same reason I like the farmers market: you can get a lot of something cheaply, in the former case, and that you might not otherwise find, in the latter. Both keep things interesting. For example, today’s deal was organic blueberries for $3 less than usual. So I got 3 gorgeous pints for $6 and then needed a recipe in addition to the blueberry pancakes I promised Oliver in the morning.

As I’m making the New Orleans grits fries from food52 tonight, I thought I’d check there too for a winning blueberry plan. Lots of good options, but I’m going with SmallKitchCara’s Blueberry Tart which has some diced peaches in it, a crumble top, is an excuse to use my round tart pan AND gets rave reviews.

Off to the races…