tumblr doesn't yet recognize non-English symbols on the dashboard; New Orleans grits/gouda fries

First: for those of you tumblr followers who read via your dashboard, Gruyere with the accented “e” really threw things for a loop yesterday, as you can probably tell by all the gibberish around that word in my texts. tumblr said they don’t yet recognize non-english symbols; this seems like an oversight that should be remedied. Hopefully by thanking me for bringing that to their attention, they’ll make some allowances.
So, my Centraal sandwich did not make the “Best Street Food” food52 finals, but no worries- there were tons of entries. I am still going to make and peer review the delicious-sounding New Orleans Golden Grit “fries.” Not sure how you can go wrong with grits, Gouda and cream except that I am not a good fryer, but I’ll keep working. They sure sound divine!

And if you visit food52 and browse the “Best Gluten-Free” recipe contest entries, you might see mine for Buckwheat, Cardamom and Cherry Scones!