Migraines suck, so do pimples, heat waves, mosquitoes and people who are competitive about dumb shit

I have a migraine, and I’ve been up since 4am. Perhaps because of this, or just as a special treat, I also have a few pimples. Granted they are very small, really just glorified blackheads probably, but I feel testy towards them.

I’m also very hot, and have you ever tried to pack for three people in one suitcase?

Mosquitoes are useless creatures who irritate me to no end. The only thing I’ve ever gotten from one was a raging case of encephalitis for which I was hospitalized for a week and from which my parents thought I might die.

People who are competitive about stupid things drive me nuts. Competitive parenting is one of the qualities in others I can least tolerate; it’s truly loathsome!

I’m not in a great mood. I’m sure you can tell. At least tonight is pizza night. Buff mozz, I love you.