Lunch review- Oyamel

We were dismissed for lunch early so I hauled ass over to Oyamel to eat. I sat at the bar which I love to do, but I think the bartender was a little taken aback by the speed and certainty with which I ordered.

Oyamel has the very best tortilla chips I’ve ever had; they’re sturdy, perfectly crunchy and not the slightest bit greasy (tasting, at least). The salsa is excellent too. I tasted but did not order the blood orange-pomegranate agua fresca because, though agua is a part of its name, I found the water-juice ratio to be way off, thus resulting in a disappointing drink that tasted as if you’d left a fresh glass of it filled with ice on your deck too long on a hot day.

The taco de hongas was INCREDIBLE. I wish I’d ordered about five of them. The soft taco was flavorful, pliable but not flimsy, and the mushroom/shallot/garlic concoction inside was nestled atop fabulously fresh guacamole.

The tamal verde was not as great as I remembered. The tamale itself was delish, but the sauce was too creamy and tasted more of pureed pepitas + cream than of tomatillos/salsa verde. I ate the whole tamale, lest you think otherwise, but I did leave most of the sauce.

Lastly, I adore nopalitos but was disappointed by this salad. I usually get Oyamel’s other cactus salad but was trying to diversify today- wish I’d stuck with the sure thing but really, where does that get you?! The lime dressing on today’s salad tasted too oil-slick like, kinda like that awful, clear MSG glaze that’s on everything at a bad Chinese restaurant. I didn’t eat much of the salad sadly.

Overall, Oyamel was good today but not as memorable as I was hoping/expecting. Back to it…