Jury duty

Peeps, I am a very civically-minded individual. Other than not always returning my grocery carts to the cart dispensing area, I’m a good community member and enjoy being so. I pick up litter around the city, always vote, volunteer at Jack’s school as often as possible, help my neighbors, etc. However, I dread jury duty each and every time that summons comes in the mail. The guy next to me is already complaining about how he doesn’t even live in the district anymore so why did he get called, and I’m like, buddy, at least you’re going to be excused.Anyway, I’m here with an arsenal of books and, might I add, am really looking forward to treating myself to a fab lunch at Oyamel. One day will be totally cool but I am hoping that I don’t get picked for some long-ass trial. I would feel so vexed to leave the boys. And for a paltry $3 a day. How do most people afford to miss work? How do they handle child care? There must be a better way to structure our criminal justice system. Just look at California. No one wins with a system like this really, although let me be clear, I am ALL about justice when it’s deserved!