Aioli contest

Ok, I am considering throwing my hat into the ring for this week’s contest on Food52: your best use of aioli. One critical caveat is that you must make your own mayo base, no premade Hellmann’s or anything. Though I am not a mayo fan, I do love a good aioli, especially one that incorporates garlic and cayenne or crushed red pepper. So, I have my eggs, I have my oil, and I’ve been resting my whisking arm for the past hour.

I’m still noodling on what to serve with this aioli (please hope I have better success than I did with the freaking plaster of paris. I’m not wrong in thinking that plaster of paris and Papier-mâché glue are different, right?!) but asparagus is always a good friend as is anything fried. As Palena did the DUMBEST thing in getting rid of its ‘fry plate’, I might try my hand at frying meyer lemons so I can be my own darn source. However, attempting aioli and frying tonight sounds potentially crack-pipey so the asparagus idea is sounding better and better.

Do y’all recall that crunchy asparagus link I posted recently? In essence, you turn halved asparagus spears into a veggie cracker by nuking in the microwave. That might be good subtly robed in a silky aioli… Will keep you posted.