Insanely stupid customer service

Ok, this might take the cake for dumbest aggressive behavior ever. We are daily NYTimes subscribers, and on Monday ours didn’t arrive. So that evening, I filed a “missed paper” note on the Times’ website. This morning I ran out, eagerly anticipating the Dining section. Did I find my paper? I did not. Instead I found an empty delivery bag impaled on my porch rail with a note inside that says “thank you for your paper complaint- they charge me $3 each complaint but I always leave your NY paper every day I don’t understand why you are complainting so wait your paper next day. Carrier”.

Is this guy serious? Did he not think I wouldn’t immediately call customer service and express my indignation? I wasn’t trying to get him in trouble, I just want my damn paper. But this is just stupid and offensive behavior, and you can bet I’m going to follow up.