Shocking lack of police paraphernalia

Jack continues to be riveted by all things police so will be having a police party for his 5th birthday in July. We had planned a police badge birthday cake, but he now believes he might want a secret service car cake instead. I told him just to noodle on it as I make a solid cake, and Tom is an ace-of-cakes type of icer.

The real problem thus far is the shocking lack of police-theme party supplies available that aren’t rated X. What is up with all the “hottie police” stuff? Clearly I am just too vanilla to have known about this type of “fun” but it does put a real crimp in the plans for a 5 year old’s birthday. Wow!

I think I’m just going to get some police tape (that yellow roll that screams Caution!), some handcuffs and hats and plan a police-themed scavenger hunt. The kiddies can pretend to be Secret Service teams on the hunt for their supplies or something…Hmm.