Fava bean and mint puree, time alone with DH

A dear old friend who has been incredibly kind and supportive in reading Em-i-lis, and with whom I’ve reconnected as a result (thank you for writing, LG), inquired about the fava bean puree I made recently, and I realized that indeed I had neglected to post that recipe. Thank you, and voilà:

1/2 pound fava beans, shelled, cooked in boiling water 3-4 minutes, beans then slipped from skins
1 large sprig mint
squeeze o’ lemon
grated Parm or pecorino, optional [I opted away from this for the steak base but if you’re making this as a dip or spread, cheese is your friend]

Blend everything in a food processor (do you have a mini one? they are great!), taste to check seasoning and serve. This is easily doubled and is flexible if you’re short on some ingredients, etc.
Tom’s parents are keeping the kids today and tomorrow so we can celebrate our 7 year anniversary, and I just cannot enthuse enough about how fabulous time alone with T (and myself) is. We went shopping, out to lunch, noodled around in the yard, and now he’s exercising and I’m lounging in bed in a cute robe, reading mags (Christopher Hitchens is a great writer) and getting excited about our dinner res tonight.

We’re going to Corduroy which is, apparently, a hot spot in DC right now (I’m SO out of it). When I called for the reservation, I was thrilled to find out that tonight is a restaurant-wide chef’s tasting menu to celebrate all the goodies that are in season now and hail from local farms. Bene, bene! This is so up my alley, and I’ll write a review tomorrow.