Dominique, the I.M.F. and Christine

Peeps, I know D.S.-K. feels denial is his only recourse, but having tried to stay very current with this scandal, I find it nearly impossible to believe that he’s innocent. Rather, he sounds like a really ugly, ego-maniacal man who has a real problem seeing women as anything more than sexual playthings that he deserves to have at his disposal. Obviously I feel this is abhorrent. More than that, though, I find his actions surrounding this current case totally bewildering. Is he so obtuse and self-aggrandizing that he really thought he’d escape from this situation unscathed?

Meanwhile, the I.M.F. must be in quite a state of turmoil, and I hear that France’s Christine Lagarde is most seriously being considered to take the helm. From what I know of her and from the times I’ve seen her speak, she seems like an extremely sharp woman who’s an excellent candidate to head the I.M.F.

In general, many of these politcosexual scandals just seem so, so stupid and lead me to the conclusion that men often feel, per illusory exceptionalism??, they just won’t get caught. Dumb, dumb, dumb, DUMB!

Off to stir my prunes a la Molly. Thinking filet mignon with sautéed pea tendrils and a fava bean puree tonight.