Tired as get out, raining to beat sixty

I don’t know if it’s the culmination of the boys, the branch, the rosé and so forth, or this crappy, gloomy weather that seems without end, but I am tired as get out today. I’ve started having those urgent daydreams in which I have my house to myself for a full 24 hours; I just read, sleep, putter and revel in the golden silence.

Instead, both boys were up at 5:55am, Jack talking a blue streak to infinity, it’s supposed to rain heavily all day and I gotta get my windowless car to the shop. No amount of coffee can conquer that.

I do find that on days like this, southern ‘isms say it best. I’m tired as get out. I feel like I’ve been pulled through the hedge backwards. It’s raining to beat sixty. Such charm in these phrases. I need to start compiling them all into a small book.

Off to the car shop.