King salmon, celeriac, wine

I am feeling very enthusiastic about dinner tonight. Have y’all delighted in the moist, flavorful, meaty deliciousness of King salmon? It’s in season right now, and is definitely(!) our favorite kind of salmon. Bonus points because you can, in season, find it having been caught wild and sustainably.

In any case, I was thinking of which non-vegetarian protein would best complement the Celeriac and Lentils with Hazelnut and Mint recipe I’m trying tonight. I think sausage would be nice, but I A) am not a huge salsiccia gal, and B) decided to go the Omega-3 route. Thus, salmon. I don’t love Sockeye despite its gorgeous color: it’s too dense and is easily overcooked. I also don’t love Coho- its flavor is a bit pale, like its color. I avoid farmed fish as much as possible, so the wild caught King was a pretty easy call for me today. It’s thick and juicy and loves a slow roast grill on a plank or in a foil packet. Lastly, salmon and lentils are always a nice match.

I’m thinking of topping the salmon with an herb rub that incorporates some mint so the recipes are in basic sync. As I didn’t opt for the Qupé Viognier/Chard blend the other evening, I might chill that. But a light red would be good too, a Pinot or the like.

Stay tuned…