Peeved out of my mind

People, I feel as if I’m morphing into one of these spitting attack snakes. Mother of god.

The top of the deck is lovely, SO well done. The bottom looks like our dog strung it together. Needless to say, looking at everything in its entirety is a bit dissonant. This deck was supposed to be done nearly 6 weeks ago. SIX WEEKS. Now, it seems certain that we’ve got at least two left. I could have built a g-damn space craft ON MY OWN in this time, and that’s saying a lot since I am extremely challenged when it comes to construction.

T sent a very nice but very firm, “we’re not pleased” email to the PRESIDENT of the company last night. It’s nearly 11:40am, and no one is here yet.

It seems clear that all I can do is go cook like a mad banshee and chill some wine for tonight. Sayonara from a spitter…