An Em-i-list before I go...

Things to do for yourself or others:

1. Buy a dental pik and add the use of it to your oral hygiene routine. Once you start flossing, you realize, wow, there’s a lot of crap in there that the toothbrush doesn’t remove. Well, you’re going to have the same realization once you buy and incorporate (after flossing) a dental pik.

2. Do not ever leave your home with a V.P.L.: visible panty line. Enough said.

3. Do not ever wear pants that expose your bottom cleavage when you squat down, bend over, etc. NO ONE needs to see any crack at any time.

4. Do not wear sheer white pants without some lovely boy shorts or other undies that will prevent my having to wince and grimace at your rear privates.

5. If you are a man and you love yoga, please, for the love of god, wear some supportive pants. I do not need to see free-hanging anything when I’m trying to be zen and focused. (This happens not infrequently, unfortunately, though he’s a repeat offender).

6. Turn your blinker off if you already made your turn or do not intend to do so. Conversely, turn your blinker ON if you’re going to turn. Driver’s Ed 101 people.

7. Be real and surround yourself with others with whom being real is OK; conversely, let others be real. To do otherwise is often to invalidate their (or your) feelings.

8. For this to work, you have to also be fair and respect various opinions and start points. LISTEN.

9. Replace shitty utensils. If you keep them around, they’re only going to make you mad.

10. If that shoebox top is covered in dust, you are NEVER going to wear those shoes again. Say goodbye and call it a day. This goes for pretty much anything covered in dust in any closet as well as still-closed boxes from your last move.

11. Don’t get into bed with dirty feet!