Meal ideas for today

I’m thinking a simple compost salad for lunch and then another Yotam recipe for dinner. If anyone knows anyone in London, direct them to Em-i-lis: I gotta get into the UK food scene and in touch with Yotam. ;)

Anyway, I was planning to make the chard cakes with sorrel sauce but am now thinking about the celeriac with hazelnuts and french lentils. Hmm…

Do you know what is really good? The Nestle Toll House cookie dough recipe, uncooked, chilled in the fridge and then eaten in little chunks. Seriously, this stuff is like kryptonite. I feel like the bar of dough is a dementor who is taking over my mind and commanding me to eat it, eat it. Mamma mia!

I am SO tired. Oliver is down for his nap, so I’m off like a prom dress as well. Adios.