Finalmente, tumblr.

tumblr’s back!

Such a gorgeous day here in D.C.- man, oh man, real spring. Oliver and I were “silly in mom’s bed, fun” this morning as I had a tad too much vino last night and really did not want to be anything but horizontal. He was very accomodating and is really a hoot. Following a short respite a casa, we headed to the market -“fun, mom, likea market”- and then on a dead-end hunt for chervil.

I learned today that chervil is one of the fines herbes; it looks rather like parsley but has a taste more akin to aniseed. And Yotam seems to like it. Two of the recipes I’m considering this week, including the one I am making for dinner tonight, embrace chervil. Alas, I will have to substitute as neither Whole Foods nor our local, and very wonderful, nursery had even a speck of it.


I remain enthused about tonight’s dinner however: Mushrooms, Herbs and Taleggio on Polenta. You want to come to dinner, you say? I know! I bought these incredible mixed, exotic mushrooms at the farmers market yesterday that will be quite the star. My track record with polenta is not great but I will forge ahead without fear and hope to write about success a bit later.