Em-i-list of the day: 10 things to keep in your pantry

Here are ten fantastic items to keep stocked in your pantry:

1. San Marzano canned tomatoes- several cans, some each large and small
2. A couple tins of anchovies- I like Cento brand.
3. Good extra virgin olive oil
4. Good tuna packed in oil- I like Cento brand.
5. Cannellini beans
6. Good quality chicken broth
7. Canned stuffed grape leaves- I like Mediterranean Organics brand.
8. Assortment of good quality dried pastas.
9. Whole wheat couscous
10. Really good Balsamic vinegar
*I also keep garlic and lemons in my pantry at all times but you might keep those elsewhere.

One fantastic way to use several of these ingredients is this simple Italian Tuna and White Bean Salad.
1 can cannellini or Great Northern beans
1 can Cento tuna in oil
1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced

Drain beans and rinse. Put into a serving bowl. Drain most of oil from tuna and discard. Then add tuna, remaining oil and red onion slices to the beans. Season well with salt and freshly ground pepper, add a splash of lemon and serve. Great with sliced tomatoes and fresh bread!