The ease of a dinner cheese plate with a pretty salad on the side

Just when I started to despair about handling dinner while so freaking tired from Oliver’s 4:40a wake-up this morning, I recalled that I bought some goooorgeous cheeses yesterday as well as some fresh favas and English peas. I also took the plunge and bought two ears of corn despite the fact that it’s really not corn season yet. But, I’m going to grill it and then make a succotash with either the favas or the peas, but probably the favas. Maybe some thinly sliced red onion in there and a soft vinaigrette. For the cheese plate, we’re going to dig into this gorgeous brie I bought as well as good old Bucheron.

Y’all have probably not had this as I’ve never seen it out of Louisiana, but Tabasco makes a fabulous pepper jelly that is a ridiculously good accompaniment to brie. I have some of that as well as my stewed prunes which I think might be good. For the goat cheese, I might put some fig spread on the side. Yum!

Oh, and I spy two sweet potatoes in the pantry which would make a nice healthy side: think I will roast them with EVOO, honey, some s&p and maybe a little smoked paprika…