Wine, dinner, shutter-fish, boys, cool people

Have you ever enjoyed the Sonoma-Cutrer Russian River Ranches chardonnay? It is delightful and a perfect accompaniment for dishes that contain corn, salmon, gouda-type cheeses, muted lime, green onion and other round and/or crisp flavors. For a gal who writes an awful lot about detesting many chards, you are probably wondering why I drink so many of them. Well, it’s because I spent years wading through crappy, flabby, yellow syrup to find the streamlined gems, and I wish to share those treasures with you should you still be floundering in a sea of yukkiness. Well done chardonnay is lovely and nicely pairs with many a dish.

I bring this bottle to your attention because I found it (the ‘08) for a good price today at Rodman’s (for you DC folks) on Wisconsin and bought it thinking it might be a terrific friend to my green pancakes with lime butter, lemon roasted carrots and baguette to dip in extra lime butter. If the lime or lemon here were tart rather than balancing out butter and carrots, I would not drink a chard, but they are, so bueno.

The green pancakes have been calling to me all day, and I am eager to get started. Spinach, scallions, jalapenos, and other summery delights that I will share later with a photo.
The Mardi Gras shutter-fish arrived today and is wonderful. I had mentioned my love of the fleur-de-lis, and Blayne found three fleur tiles which she mosaic’d subtly in the design on the fish’s head. I can’t wait to hang it up!
I cannot fathom how much damage my house will sustain before the boys are teenagers. At present, I am hiding in my room while a sitter, merciful god, handles bathtime. Oliver is using the toy chain saw (which is very realistic) to saw down the stair rail and gate, slamming the gate open and closed at a rapid pace while doing so. Jack managed to tear a tassle off a pillow earlier, and Oliver climbed up the interior-side window framing, pulling one piece of the wood off.

This is after we started the day with the boys chasing each other like dervishes until Oliver got body-checked into a protruding corner and now has a large bruise along one cheek. Jack’s yellow shirt now looks like a tie-dye- I’m not sure how that much strawberry juice got on his shoulders and chest, but OK.
Do y’all ever read Andrew Sullivan, Gail Collins and/or Nicholas Kristoff? LOVE them! AS is brilliant, GC has brilliant wit, and thank god for people like NK!