Em-i-list of the day

Things I am looking forward to:

1. Saying goodbye to “poopie diapies”: Friends, I love my little darlings and their squishy thighs and complete willingness to still scream “I love you, Mommy” in public. Nonetheless, it is with much anticipation that I look forward to the day that I am NOT in charge of their #2 situations.

2. Saying goodbye to the deck men: They are doing a good job, they are polite and kind, and frankly it is interesting to watch them work as I admire real craftsmanship (failed completely the ‘build a balsa wood bridge’ in high school physics class), but I miss my yard, my grass is dying, and this project seems to be taking longer than did high school.

3. For real saying goodbye to any form of cool/cold weather: it’s May 2, goodbye winter. I felt a little bit punk’d yesterday because it was down near 50.

4. Yotam’s Green Pancakes with Lime Butter: how insanely good do these sound?! I am planning to make ’em for dinner.

5. Lunch.

Things I am not looking forward to:

1. Oliver giving up his nap.

2. Taking both boys to Louisiana alone for the first time next month (two flights; 7-8 hours total travel time). It will be great to be there, but I am not looking forward to getting there.