Extremely strange dream, waking up to two boys sawing god knows what

OMG, what a weird night. I was up from 3-4a so stopped up I was mouth-breathing like crazy and dry as a bone. I finally got back to sleep (amen for Afrin, no matter how awful the stuff is for you) and had the MOST bizarre dream.

I was in Philly attending a formal ball but I had to keep running back and forth across a major thoroughfare to welcome people at a skeevy house where two hot plate-griddle things were on full blast every time I unlocked the door, even though of course I turned them off each time I was there. I didn’t know any of the people I was greeting and please remember, I’m fully decked out in high heels and an evening gown. Each time I left to return to the ball, the weather had changed; rain, snow, whatever. On my last trip back to the ball, I see a seal floundering in the crosswalk. I said, oh god, I’ll call the zoo and apparently I had them on speed-dial. Meanwhile, the seal heads under a bus -fortunately it was parked- and one jerk screams that she’s done for so we should just let her go.

I’ve changed my dress at this point and there is a lunatic tow-truck driver taking people’s cars from the parking garage. Then I woke up. Anyone know a dream analyst who can explicate that one? I can figure the tow-truck detail but am otherwise fully lost.

Why did I wake up? Because my children sound like a herd of elephants (did I mention I slept in the basement, so, they are right above me) and from what I can discern are going great guns with saws and hammers on what I think are the roller coaster ramps. I have recently found three small holes/nicks in our walls, evidential dust/spackle on the ground, so need to figure out a way to put a stop to wall repair.

God, do I need coffee. And Jack has his first violin lesson this morning. Whoa-nelly. Off to the races.