Ants, when men are sick

Y’all, I might have to release the ants outside. Although they are fascinating to watch, I feel a real responsibility for their well-being, and really, would you like to live in a 1” wide plastic box? They are obviously very intelligent little guys, and I feel like they should be able to spread their wings. After having almost killed the ants by overwatering and feeding, I backed off. Well, this morning, I gave them some water and you should have seen the entire colony haul ass towards it immediately. Aah, poor things, they were so thirsty, as I would have been if I’d been carting sand granules around in my mouth.

Tom thinks I always over-attribute to animals. I suppose I do anthropomorphize sometimes, but at least I am, thusly, kind to almost all creatures (the fly, mosquito and gnat are totally exempt from my kindness).

Let’s talk about men when they are sick. Are you kidding me? That’s pretty much all I probably need to say about this subject. Pitiful!