Inauspicious start to day?, random love

I practiced such good sleep hygiene last night (a doctor once called it that, doesn’t ‘sleep hygiene’ sound bizarre?) but was foiled. Oliver had a bad cold all weekend which Tom immediately picked up; I seem to have gotten the associated, nasty cough/nasal business. At 1:30, I couldn’t deal with the scratchy cough anymore so poached some of Tom’s codeine, and while I know that it’s supposed to be relatively short-lasting, it’s also very effective as a sleep agent. When Oliver started singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt at 5:27a, my body was just not ready.

Let me tell you friends, I’m at the tail end of a double latte, and my body is still not ready. Whoa, here’s to getting to naptime!

Does anyone else feel a passion for lovely dishtowels? I really groove on them.