Strawberry-rhubarb pie

When Tom and I were planning our wedding, he said he’d much prefer wedding pie to a groom’s cake. A cake has to be exceptionally good for T to go that route as he finds most to have an underwhelming crumb, in cookspeak. Though I have always loved pie, I don’t think I appreciated them enough, and though I certainly didn’t balk at his choice for our reception, I wondered how the guests would respond. Well let me tell you that all 9 pies were gone seemingly instantaneously.

As summer approaches, I find myself having more frequent pie yens. Thus, I intend to start a bimonthly pie fest, starting with a strawberry-rhubarb one, stat! I talked to Nanny yesterday, my mom’s mom who is one of my favorite people. She is the source of our family’s pie crust and cranberry sauce recipes (among many others) and made a superb lemon meringue pie. So, that’s on my pie roster’s short list. Also there is Nanny’s sister’s French Silk pie which I have not had in at least 20 years but can clearly remember the taste of and need the recipe for. Another to-do!