Yummy protein-rich snack, funny little boy mispronouncements

I was just watching T peel a hard-boiled egg and was reminded of a delicious little snack I made up years ago that I thought I’d share. While I love a good omelet, I find the chalky, slimy texture of a hard-boiled yolk repulsive. If you feel the same, pop that nasty little ball out of your h-b egg (slice in half first) and replace with a scoop of hummus. For some extra pizazz, then put a little sun-dried tomato on top. Yum and so healthy!

Also, how funny and cute are little kid’s attempts to pronounce biggish words (or not) and just missing?! Or just filling in with their own interpretations?

Oliver always says “Looka mom” for ‘look at this’. I kinda like the ‘looka’. And, whenever he hears someone say, “oh no” or “ow”, he says “happened” in a very concerned voice. He and Jack are building aviation vehicles and accessories right now, and O keeps going “helicopcop, spinning round and round.” Helicopcop. Hah. I’m always said when they finally correct themselves.

Jack said “hunormous” for ages and also had a brief stint with “two-tee-two” and “two-tee-three” for 22 and 23 respectively. I heard Oliver saying “oneteen” the other day as well.

And Jack said “ba-da” for mailbox for quite a while despite the fact that he could say ‘mail’ and ‘box’ independent of each other just fine.