Easter solitude, amen

It was with very slightly mixed feelings but mostly really excited ones, that I just bid my three guys adieu. They are headed to Easter lunch with T’s parents, and I am staying home, inspired by my mother’s admonishment that I really need a day (or 12) off. Have y’all seen any Louis C.K. comedy? He’s hilarious although sometimes he goes down the crass road even too much for my sailor-mouthed, potty-talk-appreciating sense of humor. Nonetheless, T and I recently watched his show on fatherhood, and at one point he talks about savoring the little moments of quiet that you get for yourself: “you know, when you have them buckled in their car seats, and you close the back doors, and you have that brief moment until you open the driver-side door” (to paraphrase this part of the sketch). Well, that’s pretty much all I’ve gotten lately, and me old reservoir is pretty parched.

So, I am enjoying a ham-free lunch and the beautiful solitude that is your own house when you’re in it and no one else is.