The joy of occasional, Code Red carb-loading; degree to which I'm tired of whining trumps degree to which I'm tired

Friends, do you sometimes indulge in massive carb-grazing? Most likely, the majority of gals try to deprive themselves of this experience, myself included. I mean really, the aftermath is not always pretty. But I encourage you to go for it on occasion, embrace the urge when it strikes, especially if a lady-experience is prompting it. Are you mid-cycle and tired of gloomy weather? Get yourself a loaf of good bread, all the better if it’s got some sort of sugar swirl or streuselly topping. Plop youself on the couch in sweats, a ponytail, and a trashy magazine or good book and enjoy.

One of the few valuable things I learned from a real commitment-phobe years back was that a good workout or night’s sleep, or even just waiting patiently for 24 hours, will reduce the puffiness of carbs (or wine for that matter). It’s true, so don’t be so hard on yourself. We deserve our indulgences!

On another note, I was considering skipping my yoga class this morning because I am so tired. But do you know what I’m even more? In need of a slight break from plaintive whines for “more owange juice in OWN GLASS cup” and “I really, really need another nail NOW and can I please have a saw too and a tool belt that has a nail holster.” I just can’t deliver on all this before 10am. So, it’s off to flow I go. This teacher is insanely good- shout-out to Christina at Circle Yoga. Man, this is a good class. Ok, I’m motivating. Hell, it’ll surely help relieve my carb-induced puff-tummy coma. :)