Ant casualties, chimichurri

After a very successful first week with the Ant Farm, we’ve lost three ants in the past 24 hours. It’s very nice to see that their ant peers take them to the top of the sand mound and kind of bury them. Ants are not only industrious but also quite clean, so apparently they like to get the goners gone. Wow, how did Emily know that? I’ll tell you. I just read the manual because I wondered why these little guys died. It says very clearly, do not overfeed your ants- one pinhead size bit of apple is enough for a week. OMG- I have been sticking chunks of banana, mango and muffin in there on pretty much a daily basis. Yikes. Sorry ants, now backing off. Is this the food-lover in me? Like, I even have to make sure my ants are well sated? Should I have read the manual first? Are these all rhetorical questions?

So, instead of feeding them more, I’m going to channel my (presently non-existent: Oliver!) energy into making the chimichurri. This is a really good, very simple sauce- not only for steak but also chicken and in your morning eggs. Ooh, just stir it into an omelette and you’ve got a fantastic breakfast.

As an aside, Oliver actually asked to watch Word World just now, and I’m going to be honest, I could not have turned it on more quickly. As you may know, I am not big on my kids watching TV, but he woke up after an unfortunately brief 59 minute nap (more needed as he was up at 5:18 this morning) yelling, “Mommy, put Elmo shirt on, put it on.” Really? I just parked him in front of the tube so think I’ve got 20 minutes.

And, as it’s Friday, say it with me, “THANK GOD a babysitter is coming in a few hours!”