Have lost the will

Friends, in the exceedingly brief time since I posted that video, both boys peed in the tub, on purpose, Oliver poured an entire, new box of Cheerios onto Jack’s floor, stepped on them and then refused to help clean up, then got his big stuffed Elmo and said “licking Elmo’s bottom.” Is someone serious?

My will to cook has, thus, been scuttled, so I proclaim tonight to be Cafe of India night. DC peeps- have you eaten there? It’s on Wisconsin between Ellicott and Fessenden I think, next door to Le Chat Noir. It’s the best Indian that delivers- I love their bindi anardna (okra) and pindi chole (chick peas), and the pujabi patties are insanely good- basically potato cakes drenched in tamarind sauce (of the gods) and spicy mint chutney. The only big bust there is the dal makhani which is often my favorite dish but just fails at C of I. Too bad, but it did force me to try other items. Tom gets the punjabi chicken curry every single time. For your bread choices, the mint paratha and onion kulcha are the best. 

Despite giving up on cooking, I have not lost the will for wine, and will soon be off to a small date with Molly Dooker.