Talking inquiry, LPQ's mushroom omelette, customer service

Y’all, can you suffer perilous consequences from being talked to too much? If you have any evidence to support that query, let me know.

Can I tell you how good I think Le Pain Quotidien’s wild mushroom omelette is? Ridiculous. How do they get the eggs so silky? Firm yet soft? The mushrooms and scallions are just perfect, and if you’re feeling really indulgent, ask for goat cheese to be added. Aah. After my rather leaden ravioli last night, I really didn’t feel that extra goat cheese was necessary this morning but I do sometimes go that route. I also like the gray salt they put on the tables so that you can grind and add your own amount. And folks, please always grind your own pepper- on a salad, for a recipe, wherever! Ground pepper from a spice dispenser is just not fresh, as the relatively non-existent taste it imparts suggests. A good pepper mill is indispensable.

Let’s talk about customer service. I feel that much frustration in the world could be eradicated with simple communication. If you are going to be late, call. If you’re not going to show up, let me know. Where in the sam hill are the deck guys? For folks who’ve been complaining about the rain interrupting their work schedules, why are they no-shows on sunny days? People, I’m getting tired of not having half of my backyard plus a door. Oliver and I are in the yard right now basking in the sun like fat cats (he sure eats like one; y’all should have seen him at breakfast: oatmeal, berries, eggs, bread with jam, etc- all before 9:15am) and we are using as our bench/desk/funtime props, all the boards, wheelbarrows and boxes of supplies that are just sitting here with us. If there was a good reason for the delay of the team’s arrival, just let me know. Most if not all of my irritation would immediately dissipate. Instead, I’m getting peevish and you know where that can lead.