Why you should read, not skim, your recipes in advance

Ok, I did, having learned my lesson many times in the past, read my pasta recipe in advance, hence my early start today. However, I clearly did not read closely enough because I have just come across the step that includes a pasta machine. Do I have a pasta machine? I do not. Jack asked for one for his birthday last year, and I have been itching for one, but I thought it might be like registering for a waffle iron or fondue pot when you’re engaged. 20 years later, you’re selling it at a garage sale. Alas, I wish I’d pulled the trigger, but now a rolling pin will have to suffice.

Funny story about a pasta machine actually, and this is a total aside, but…Tom and I were in NYC for a wedding last year and had gone down to the Village for a lobster roll at Mary’s Fish Camp. After said roll, we were on our way to a gelateria when across our path ran a man with a pasta machine in hand- not in a box, just the press with its cord streaming behind. I said, “hey, in a rush to make some pasta?” He said, without slowing down but with a smile, “we are having a wedding and our machine just broke. I borrowed this from that restaurant.” Tom and I were like, how cool is this whole scenario.

So, about tonight. I don’t have a pasta maker so am doubly skeptical about the success I’ll have. I remain hopeful though because how good does fresh lemon ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and topped with a pink peppercorn-tarragon sauce sound to you!?

I would also like to tell you a new take on Jack’s continuing obsession with hunting and weaponry in general (I beg of you to tell me where this comes from as I am a composting peacenik who gently relocates to nature, spiders, ants and so forth that I find in my house). He again seemed perfectly happy when I picked him up from theater today and when I inquired about which role he played, he enthusiastically said, “Mom, we were acting out Tacky (apparently the story of penguins being hunted for $1 each), and no one wanted to be a hunter and we needed 3. Everyone just wanted to be Precious Pretty Penguin, so guess what?! I volunteered to play ALL THREE hunters.” A dream come true.