I'm not a fashionista but...

Ok, while I do LOVE clothes and shoes, I think it’d be a stretch to call me anything more than fashionably aware. I do, however, think I know what DOESN’T work, and I saw several of those mishaps today. Do you think the following are good ideas?

1) Male faux pas: too-tight seersucker shorts, button down shirt and too-tight white sweater on top with Reeboks, no socks. I think not.

2) Lady mess: knee-length, destroyed jean shorts, rolled at the cuff; long-sleeved black t-shirt with a random white graphic tee on top; white socks; toeless, brown suede, lace-up, high-heeled booties. Say what?

3) And, while gal #3 had nice shoes on, if you cannot walk properly in your shoes, please don’t wear them. Why look like a camel or other lumbering type?

Just some random thoughts from a tired gal. ;) This one’s for you, KatieFru.