Bossypants, another exceedingly long day, the garden

Who loves Tina Fey? She just kills me- what a cool, intelligent woman. I just ordered Bossypants and hope it’s not disappointing. The cover pic really makes you look twice. Yikes. ;)

Will there a come a time when weekend days don’t seem like Sisyphean challenges? Really, I’m asking this truthfully. Can you fellow parents out there even believe how loooong some days feel? Today, I have almost been rendered speechless by it all. Tom and I are doing everything we can to stay awake and not run away. The mayhem was comical this morning as we still maintained a decent perspective on it all, but by 3p, there was no stamina left. Do your children ever stop talking? Do they ever play by themselves or together without a) narrating every detail and/or b) demanding that you witness their every thought and action? If so, you are very lucky. All kids have their plusses and minuses, but for the love, ours talk to such an enormous degree- it is truly overwhelming. We were out and about and upon arriving home, we immediately started chilling a bottle of wine. Dios mio!

Tonight is pizza night which should be fab. The market had no buff mozz which is a bummer but we will suffice with regular. My radishes, peas and potatoes are all up, the leeks, mizuna, lettuces, kale, beets and strawberries seem to be going great guns, and I was thrilled to see tomato plants out today. Whee- bought two and can’t wait to get them planted.