Today has been absurd for the most part, and this has nothing to do with the wine enjoyed last night. Oliver is FUNKED out to the max. He is doing that annoying toddler-refusing-to-eat stuff but is clearly crazed from hunger, keeps throwing the roller coaster ramps around screaming “bad ramps, bad pieces” -what??- and demanding “Elmo songs now.” If I hear Elmo anymore today, I might jump out the window. At one point, I dared to turn on NPR, told him it was Mommy’s turn with the music and then proceeded to hear Oliver trump NPR by singing, at the top of this lungs, “MAN, blega, blega, blega.”

Meanwhile, Jack is no longer allowed to wear sunglasses to school (he has very light-sensitive eyes) because today he refused to be anything but a secret service man. Obviously this is distracting for people who think he is Jack and expect him to behave as such. I am getting pretty bored by the incessant police and secret service convo, and this is kinda the last straw.

There are 6 holes the size of Oliver in my backyard as well as a huge pile of nail-studded ex-deck boards that were supposed to be removed today but now seem to be ours for the weekend. Terrific. And, it’s supposed to pour brickbats tomorrow all day. It is such a bummer to get all dressed up for dinner (going out tmrw for my birthday) and then look as if you fell into a pool after having done so.

I am not dealing with dinner tonight but do have plans to make a blackberry pie which is always fabulous.

Thank god the babysitter is here. Isn’t this exactly what I said last Friday??