Red, crostini, good stuff

I am going to tell y’all that my crostini toppings look delissssshhhhhious. Here’s what I opted for:

1) Lacinato kale, white beans, garlic, EVOO, crushed red pepper
2) Fennel braised in EVOO, with green cerignola olives and preserved lemon
3) Fava beans pureed with mint, EVOO, and pecorino, topped with roasted sunchoke cubes and a shave of parm

all atop grilled bread. And we opened the Marietta Angeli Cuve’e, ‘06, a blend of Zin, Petite Sirah and Carignane. It’s pretty fruit-forward but I think will be nice with the vegetalness of the crostini.

Also, have you seen Red? We watched it last night and thought it was a hoot. John Malkovich is too great for words. DD/D, I am jealous that you know/worked with him. He seems like the type -like Christopher Walken- who is in real life just like he is on screen. Not creepy but not like he has to try real hard in his roles…SO eccentric- I love it.

Off to chow!