Hah, hah, joke was on me, terrific espresso

Ok, I wasn’t preening last night when I said the kids were in bed before 6, but I was thrilled. Hah! Poor Jack was up twice with growing pains in his feet, and at 11p, I found myself making him toast and milk and brainstorming about the design and color scheme of his police badge birthday cake (July birthday, people). I woke up at 5a to Oliver yelling, “Mommy, come visit.” I escaped to the basement but he never went back to sleep (thank god Tom sleeps like a log), and I just know today is going to be loads of FUN.  

In addition, I have realized yet again what a nerdy little dog Percy is. He’s a love but sometimes you just want to yell, “Man up, Dog.” And despite my positive feedback last weekend over NOT peeing in the basement, he has done it again, in spades. To all you dog lovers out there, no, he does not have a bladder infection. This is full on acting out, so in essence, I have three toddlers. Mercy!

Can I just give a shout-out to good coffee?! I can pull a good shot, but Tom is a true barista and is working on latte art. Isn’t that delightfully metro? Anyway, our current favorite espresso roaster is Stumptown, from NYC. You can buy it at one place in DC, so we make regular pilgrimages down to Georgetown for this yumminess. If you all ever come across Stumptown Hairbender, try it. Another great espresso is Old City’s 6 Bean Espresso; OC is from Philly. I, myself, am not a huge fan of Intelligentsia -sorry Chicagoans- but it has a definite following.