Leftovers- I like them, odd musing on unlimited cash supply

Friends, what are your feelings on leftovers? I am a big fan but know some people who will not even consider them. This I cannot figure out. If you had a great meal, why not have the same great meal again ASAP? Our fridge looks insane right now, as if 80 people are coming to my home tonight for dinner. No one is coming to dinner and, as such, T and I will be feasting on a buffet of leftover options. I’m psyched.

If I had unlimited sums of cash, I would definitely have someone blow my hair out for me as I find doing so to be a job that SUCKS. Do any of you know how curly my hair actually is? With each pregnancy, the curls just got gnarlier and gnarlier. I use this perjorative term because the degree of curliness is inconsistent around my head. If I don’t blow it, I must resort to a ponytail (now virtually impossible because of my haircut) or risk looking like I went to sleep with wet hair and didn’t give a rat’s booty what it looked like when I woke up (think flashbacks of Liz Lemon). You see my dilemma. Tom got me this fabulous flattening iron but I still must blowdry my hair first for what seems like hours-that’s how seriously my curls fight back. So, you might understand why I’d like to outsource this job!

The deck guys are coming, the deck guys are coming! Hip-hip-hooray!