Tulips, good menu

Thank goodness we had a day of sun and warmth yesterday because today it’s pouring brickbats and gray again. But yesterday was such a balm, for me and my garden. I love tulips whose buds are plump, the color showing itself finally (I always think I’ll either remember which bulbs I placed where, or mark them properly, but I don’t), and you just know that soon, you’ll have the happiest bed of flowers. The reds are always the tallest and most assertive, and isn’t that just typical. I can see a few pinks and those cool purply-black ones coming along as well though.

And, do you know Bleeding Hearts? I just love them. They seem old-fashioned yet still stylish, and mine are so healthy this year. My poor peony plant, which tries so hard despite our lack of sun, has its annual one bud coming along. And our sugar maple is just leafing out to beat sixty. It’s so beautiful, but I meet its buds with mixed feelings because once it’s leafed out, our yard gets even less sun. Nonetheless, the plants are really looking good this year. I moved all kinds of things around and each seems happy in its new home. Coral Bells, Columbines, Hydrangeas, my mom’s Irises, Astillbes and hopefully some ferns…

The deck guys start demolition tomorrow- yay! Jack has done such a fine job sawing the ballisters from the 2x4s that I’m starting to think it’s probably not real safe out there anymore. So this will be a timely start.

And, T is on his way home so I have a yummy menu planned: those freaking coriander flatbreads I’m forever harping about, yogurt-chicken kebabs and feta-zucchini fritters. Delish!

Aah, I spy the sun! Maybe the weathermen were wrong!!!