Wine- love it

People, I feel that a lot of worldly ill-will, anger, bad vibes in general, could be ameliorated with a glass (or bottle) of good wine. Please note the emphasis on good. Crappy wine is crappy and makes you feel crappy and generally even smells crappily. Of course, what constitutes good wine varies according to individual preferences, taste, what you’re eating and so forth but I think you get my drift.

I would like to share with you some of my favorites, both generally speaking and at a bottle-specific level:

In general, I feel you really can’t go wrong with:

French whites (especially those from the Loire [think Sancerre] and Burgundy [Chablis]) and rose’s

South African whites- you may be less familiar with these but overall, S. African whites are a) very good and b) a very good value. The climate and terroir there makes for clean, crisp Chards, Chenin Blancs, Viogniers and blends of those that are not(!) flaccid or syrupy. Amen to that! I am having trouble finding it, but the Glen Carlou Chard from Paarl is lovely. (Stainless steel aging friends!)

Rather obscure Italian whites- have you had Fiano? Looove it. Sicilian/Southern Italian varietal that is just sooo nice. Interestingly, it goes well not only with Italian fare but also middle eastern. I discovered it at an Israeli restaurant in Philly (Zahav; incredible). What about Arneis? Try Pio Cesare Arneis. Lovely.

Oregonian Pinot Gris- they do it right! Ponzi is one of my favorite OR vineyards- not only were they at the forefront of sustainable wine grape farming and certification, they are also excellent winemakers. The Pinot Gris is fabulous as is their Pinot Noir.

Do you like big Shiraz and/or Cab/Shiraz blends? I reallly like Molly Dooker (Aussie for a left hander), and their labels are fun too. Look for The Boxer, Two Left Feet, I’m wanting to try The Maitre D. Bonus points for fun because the MD owners are Sarah and Sparky Marquis.

Also notable are Syrahs (Shiraz, peeps) from Qupe’. I came to know Qupe’ through my pal, KatieFru, who introduced me to their Rousanne/Marsanne blend (fabulous, hard to find, order from them for best efficiency) and my dear friends, D and D Vos, with whom I had a Qupe’ chard one delightful evening. Delish! I think it might have been a Chard/Viognier blend, but anywho. Although I just mentioned 2 white wines, Qupe’ makes huge, wonderful Syrahs (had one the other night with the steaks, you might recall). Pax makes a terrific Syrah too, and we just had a nice one from J.C. Cellars…

Ok, this train of thought is making me both hungry and thirsty, so for now, I bid you adieu. Remember, life is too short to drink bad wine. That one’s for you, Mikey B.