Snarky, coriander seeds found

Friends, I am feeling rather snarky today. When I’m like this, T calls me No-Nonsense Dawg (seriously, I do not remember where the suffix/nickname, Dawg, came from but it has stuck; if you ever get tired of em-i-lis, perhaps I can rename the blog, Em-Dawg’s Blawg). Anyway, I am going to share a brief list of things that peeve me:

-excessively large cars; if you need a springboard to get into your car and specialized mirrors to see around and behind you, your vehicle is absurd.

-when you are SURE you have something in your pantry or fridge/freezer but a) you don’t, b) it has gone bad (the freaking parsley in the middle of the bunch is slimed out but there are three pretty leaves around it), or c) someone has eaten/drunk it but 1]not let you know and/or 2] left the empty carton or box on the freaking shelf. REALLY?! This didn’t happen today, I’m just reflecting on the irritating times it has.

-bad drivers who become even worse drivers in -gasp- rain. Just don’t drive, people.

-people who make dumb jokes knowing they are dumb but who nonetheless repeat these jokes and pressure you to laugh at them. I find this is often associated with in-laws.

-squirrels that look cute but then ravage your yard.


On a more positive note, coriander seeds have been my grail for about 6 days. Where are they? Why so hard to locate? No, I do not want ground coriander, I want the seeds so I can grind them myself. As I was asking the Whole Foods people what was up with the missing coriander, some good soul in line behind me said, “go try the Yes Organic Market in Cleveland Park. They have a great selection of seeds.” This is definitely my kind of person, and the kids and I had success this morning, albeit for $8.50 and not as much as you might assume that would get you.

What this means for you, dear readers, is that tonight I might pull the trigger and make the kinda labor-intensive but soooooo delicious coriander and cilantro flatbreads I’ve been describing since Em-i-lis began. Whee!