Oh man

Friends, I am going to be honest. I do not have it in me anymore to wake up at 4:45a and then be functional in any good way. I did manage to schlep both kids to the mall because we had to get a Lego brick separator. You can imagine this was critical, and in fact, maybe it was because I am tired of breaking my nails when trying to get those little buggers apart. It was an activity on a rainy day, and since Jack wasn’t at school, I said what the hell. Anyway, we also got a 102 piece seaplane set that I told Jack he could work on during his quiet time. One hour later, he emerged from his room having built the entire thing successfully. Incredible! See photo evidence above. Y’all, I have trouble with Legos sometimes for the love.

I also wanted to mention that I’m going to start an Em-i-lis recipes page so that if you wish, you can make anything I’ve referenced in the blog. It’ll be near the Ask and Submit buttons at the top of the page. This probably will not materialize today since I am brain dead and when my sitter comes today (amen sister), I need to read my apps for Columbia. However, if I am too brain dead to do that effectively, I will instead simply type recipes.