Barefoot and tired

I am not complaining about being barefoot; on the contrary, I’m saying amen because really, it’s about time that our weather shapes up. It’s April, people, generally what we imagine to be the advent of spring. So, I’m sending out vibes to Mother Nature- please spare us any more weather that approaches the freezing point.

I’m tired as get-out having really overextended, even for me, in the yard lately. As I was digging the hole to replant the tree (I’m talking tree, y’all, not seedling, not sappling, tree!), I discovered what seems to be the Atlantis of patios. Really, I thought I had been foiled with the sheets of brick, mortar, flagstone, and so forth that I unearthed. Perseverance is your friend, people. Tom got the axe for me, and I went to town, and now we have a large mound of rock debris as well as a happily (hopefully) planted tree that will be the umbrella for my new shade garden.

Concurrently, the boys are destroying the deck, so I do hope the deck team makes haste to start actual demolition and rebuilding! This deck must be complete for Cinco de Mayo for which I already have a menu: guacamole (of course), frozen margs (I usually like margs on the rocks but this recipe is really divine), the best fish tacos ever and mango tres leches cake. Bueno?