Too much of a good sometimes just too much

Ok, the scones were even better than usual. The nuttiness of the spelt flour in tandem with the pungent, earthiness of the cardamom and the tangy sweetness of dried cherries is really to die for, at breakfast or for an afternoon snack.

The pappa al pomodoro looked and smelled divine, but re taste, you’ll have to ask the new mama for whom it was made! ;) Uso la ricetta della mia amica, Tania, ma non uso salvia. Mi dispiace, Tania. Read: I used no sage, just basil.

So where did I max out? Well, after having cooked, I decided to garden like I was the freaking overseer of Winterthur. Jesus H, my back is screaming about muscles I haven’t visited for a looong time. However, the gardens they are a’coming: lacinato kale (my fave; great on pizza), leeks (um, leek confit with aged goat cheese anyone?), beets, salad greens, rhubarb, radicchio, strawberries and some floral perennials. Send good vibes that my thumb is green this year- it’s not always thus. Buenos noches!