There's always lunch

For those of you who know me, you know I don’t like to waste any meal on lame food choices. Even a simple sandwich should make you smile. Aah, food as a balm (but not in the binge’y, psychological sense).

So, I have a delicious roast-turkey sandwich recipe for you, a fairly recent creation of mine. Disclaimer, it does require some specific ingredients, so perhaps you can keep these in mind next time you shop or cook.

Em’s Saturday Lunch Roast Turkey Sandwich

Freshly roasted turkey breast, preferably thickly-sliced, not the shaved deli stuff (although if you go that route, I recommend Koch Smoked Turkey (free-range, hormone-free, etc).

Two slices multi-grain bread, lightly toasted, or not

Dulcet brand Moroccan Mustard (insanely good; I found it at Whole Foods)

Fresh cranberry sauce (I make my family recipe which is awesome although for some reason, some of my in-laws who seem not to care much about food asked for the canned, gelatinous log of cranberry sauce last Thanksgiving. WHAT?)

-Slather one slice of bread with mustard and top with cranberry sauce and turkey. Add lettuce if you like. Mash other slice of bread on top and sink your teeth in. 

Holy sandwich, Batman!