Following Em-i-lis

Thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of my blogging efforts so far. It has come to my attention that when you click ‘follow’, you are asked to sign up for a tumblr account. Aah. So, as a work-around, there is now an email sign-up box at the bottom of the scroll page as well as the cute “subscribe” box at the top right, should you wish to formally join the em-i-lis train. This does NOT require you to create a tumblr account. And yes, feel free to forward this blog URL onto anyone! :)

Off to start mis-en-place’ing for my fennel -n- chicken tostadas. Today was a hell of a day (read: I may have started tic’ing about 8 hours earlier than normal) re: talking/whining/police- and jail-video YouTube requesting, so I think I’ll pop a bottle of wine in the old fridge now too.