Bedtime can really drive you to the brink...

Y’all, what will I do if ever my children have bedtimes later than 6:30 or so?! They are in bed right now -6:21p- and for the love, it’s not a minute too soon. I like to think I can roll with the waves of daily parenting, but I literally start to tic around 5p. Per Jack’s unceasing, though often interesting and/or cute, narration, he is a professional policeman simply masquerading as a PK student. See photo evidence above. How many times can we talk about police accoutrement and weaponry? OMG! On the flip side, despite the picky eating that has emerged in the past 10-12 months, I am proud that Jack remains a relative gourmet.

Recent quote from New Orleans: “Excuse me, where is the dipping oil?” when presented with a loaf of French bread. Hilarious.

10 minutes in and Oliver has not let up with his constant refrain of “mommy, more milk, muffins, get out!” Aah, give it a rest, boys!

Completely off the subject— if you love wildlife photography and have been to or have interest in the animals and landscapes of Africa, run to view or buy A Shadow Falls by Nick Brandt. This guy is an INCREDIBLE photographer. How long must he wait to get some of these shots?? Amazing!

In fact, I am going to take my just-received book to the couch now and call it a day. As I roasted about 12 pounds of sweet potatoes, rutabagas and sunchokes last night (if you have not discovered sunchokes, please do!), I think I’m opting out of any serious meal prep tonight. Tomorrow I am going to try a new cumin-chicken-roasted fennal tostada recipe that sounds yummy. And I might have to make these insanely good coriander-cilantro flatbreads that are slightly time-consuming but soooo worth it.